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    there's another fairly new technique called lipo-sculpting that involves removing excess skin and unwanted fat (is there any other kind?) and then carving out and etching the fat between the ab muscles and performing a few other tricky maneuvers that really makes the abs stand out... but it's about 6500 bucks.

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    Sorry that this really doesn't answer your question, but you reminded me of an an article in the New York Times Science section a few years ago about a guy who went in for a complete makeover. He had never worked out before, and he looked it- a real fat schlub. Anyway among the procedures he had were lipo, tummy tuck, chest implants, shoulder implants, arm implants, etc. I have to say that when they got through with him he looked great. A real physical prowess. But then I got to thinking. . .

    What will hapens when someone asks him, "excuse me but can you help me lift this?"

    His response will have to be, "errrrr, no, I don't really think so."

    Just a thought.

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