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    Need help with diet

    I am currently 5'11 192lbs 13%bf. I workout 5 times a week and do carido 4 times a week for 25 mins. I am doing Fina/Eq/Win. I want to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle or ripped muscle. I want my diet to be perfect but im not sure what to eat. How much Fat, Carbs and Calories should I eat. Maybe someone has a good plan for me to follow. Thanks

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    2g perlb protein rotate carbs from 1-2g carbs daily, fats shold be mostly poly and monounsaturated and around 60-70 g. 20lbs ripped muscle? be realistic bro. shoot for 10-15 w/ some fat reduction. dont overshoot ur goals, because u illget discouraged. yes u can gain 20, but itsgoing o very hard to gain 20 pure muscle in one go, unles of cours this is r first cyc. i gained 35 on my first maybe 15 was muscle, 10 water 10 fat

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