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Thread: Bulking

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    I need help with my diet but this is how it looks for my offseason bulking.

    6:30-6 egg whites, protein shake (30 g protein, low carb)w/ tablespoon of flax-oil/vanilla and equal,3/4 cup of oatmeal/pear/banana
    7:35-first training session
    8:50-postworkout meal-2.5 grams creatine/5 g glutamine/20 oz. apple juice,met-rx big 100 bar(27g protein, 19g sugar)
    10:40-chicken mixed with brown rice,grapes
    12:40-GNC weight gainer or protein shake
    1:40-can of tuna or tuna sandwich with 4 slices of whole weat bread
    2:20-2nd training session
    3:30-2.5 grams of creatine/5 grams glutamine/protein shake/fruit
    5:30-steak or chicken breast or cheeseburger(very lean beef)or lean pork,broccoli,pasta roni(skim milk) or spaghetti which would replace the meat because of the amount of lean beef in the sauce.
    8:00-protein shake
    10:30-before bed ZMA

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    if i hit up this diet. and my body type is not that lean but not fat at all will i blow up. While on this diet ill be on a few cycles Tell me

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