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    My situation help me again

    I Known i am being a pain 4 info and all the people who help its greatlt appreciated.
    6'0 215
    not fat
    got some cuts but a lil chub too (Pic Comming soon)
    use to be 285 all fat this is were my fat burnin addiction comes is

    I am real confused no matter of what time of year it is i am always on a fat burner Hydroxy cut, Xenadrine, or Ripped fuel. So in a few months i am about to start hitten the juice with a diet like this.
    Calories: 2942
    Protein: 296.5g
    Carbs: 311.5g
    Fat: 73.6g will i blow up with lean muscle or just become bloated and fat what should i do to stay lean gain the muscle and look impressive Help Me Out thanx.

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    Those calories are pretty low for someone your size, you need to figure out your metabolic rate and get an idea of maintance calories from there. However i truly beleive you have to bit the bullet and allow some fat/bloat when gaining size, then cut and maintian after that. Very few have the gentics that allow them to grow and stay lean at same time.

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