Ok, I have decided to get lean and start trying to cut up a little bit. Here is what I had today tell me what you think and what to add and remove. Thanks
1. oats, 1 egg and 2 whites
2. work out
3. nitro tech
4.1 teaspoon PB on wheat, protien shake
5. steamed vegies, 2 boiled chicken breast
6. 100% whey shake

protein fat carbs calories
218g 23g 127g 1330

I also woke up and took my N02, multi, and hydroxy cut, I am taking about 4 a day 1 every 3 hours. I also had about 5g of creatine, 3.5 glutamine. I weigh 200 lbs, about 14-16% BF
I want to lean up, what do I need to change? I feel fine but its probly because the Hydroxycut has my appitite curved. Thanks guys