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    gaining muscle question..

    I need some advice...Im 5'10..145 lbs...I just want to get up to like 165-170 lbs and I was thinking about using gearr but then I think isnt it reasonable to gain this weight naturally?I eat pretty good, no junk food, I started working out about 2 mnths ago and I take creatine and protein..I work out 5 days a week,and I do each bodypart 1nce a week...Its just sometomes i dont think im getting any gains and sometimes I do...what are you suggestions is it reasonalble for me to get up to my desired weight naturally and waht should I do to get there faster? thnx

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    You need to change things up with your workout. As far as your diet goes, keep increasing the calories. You have plenty of growing naturally to do yet… You have only been working out for two months… give it some time, eat, rest and lift hard. You will see the changes you are looking for.

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    CRXSI- it may be that you are training to much. You grow at home and not in the Gym. One thing you will see alot of the older more experianced BBs say is that they work smarter now- less time in the gym- less sets- less reps- higher weights. Start pounding the protien brother-shoot for 350 Gs of protien a day- eat often ,every few hours. I went from a 5 day one body part per day program to a 3 day a week program and my streangth is up since I go less- I think (although Im the new guy on the block) that most of the crap in the Mags talking about many many sets of many excersises doesnt work for regular people and its only to sell mags every month. you can put on alot of size working basic movements revolving around bench, squats,deads, dips,pull ups, dips and a few others.
    get the squats going- when your legs grow the rest of the body has no choice but to follow
    Good luck
    Good luck

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