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    Question About Oats - Instant vs. Traditional

    Hi All,

    I have read many a time that traditional oats are much better than instant, eg. Uncle Tobey's Instant 1 minute oats - because instant ones are processed further adn lose nutritional value and have higher GI (that's what I've read). When reading the instructions on how to make oats, I found something odd:

    To make traditionally - normal oats requires 10-15 minutes boiling, instant oats about 1 minute boiling.
    But, to make in a microwave, both say to cover with water, nuke for 1.5 minutes on high, mix, and another 0.5-1 minute on high - how come both take the same time in the microwave??

    Also, doesn't overcooking the oats higher the GI??


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    Eat'em raw, thats what I do.

    I can see traditional being slower digesting for the fact the actuall oats are a lot larger than the instant, but they are all 100% oats.

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