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    Diet to lose fat quick. Revised . Runners diet. No lifting. Critique please!

    I know, not much protein. BUt hey, its a runners diet, and im naturally muscualar and i decided to once and for all start up on running.
    Got the diet from Runners world
    11/2 cups cooked nine grain cereal. 1 cup soy millk. 2 tbsp almonds andraisins.
    1 C OJ

    2 ounces trail mix (soy nuts almondsand driedcranberries

    Tna sandwich with ,low fat mayo on two slices oat bread.

    1/2 whole pita filled with 1 tbsp PB and drizzled with2tbsp honey and 1/2 banana sliced

    Portion protein (salmon) and whole wheat something (rice/pasta)
    Salad w/ 1tbsp olive oil

    Might add in as apost workout meal fresh fruit
    My workout is40 mins running
    I hope to get good critiques.
    Peace out

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    First off, I'm not a runner, so I may be waaaaaaaaay off base.

    However, whatever your particular sport is, fat loss and the ways in which we go about losing fat (physiology) remains the same. I don't see how in the hell you can lose fat while eating a diet like that. I just don't.........really.

    As well, there is not much protein as you clearly stated........why? Protein builds what.........muscle..............muscle does what...........burns fat............

    see where I'm going with this? With this I'm afraid one would run themselves straight into the ground as far as fat loss hopes go.

    Then again, I just compete, so what the hell do I know?


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    If that is you in the picture ...... I suggest not running at all for now...

    Runnning ( although a great workout ) is very stressful on the joints !

    I suggest the stationary bike in the gym 6 days a week 60 minutes sessions 1st thing in the morning ...

    Your diet should consist of around 1500 calories and LOW CARB LOW FAT high protein !

    Oh and at least a gallon of water a day !!!

    Running may turn into problems escpecially at your current weight.

    good luck

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    I think that is a healthy diet-- it might be a bit high on the carbs and not have enough protein...but if you are naturally muscular and you don't care about losing muscle (along with fat), then it might be okay for you. It is probably less calories than you are used to consuming; therefore, the decreased calorie diet and the 40 minutes of running will probably be enough for you to steadily lose some weight.
    That is about how I eat now and I am a 5'3" female, so I am assuming you would lose weight eating like that. Good luck

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    I suggest you join a runner forum. Not flammin you but i think that it would be great for input as far as running goes, because running and body building are worlds apart in my opinion. You will not get the opinions you want from a body builder with limited knowlege on running and dieting in that area.

    Most bb's fear the dreaded catabolic run

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