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    Question Does anybody know of any really good books on dieting?

    I need a book ,or books that will tell me EVERYTHING I could possibly want to know about dieting. Bulking ,cutting ,maintaining ,and dieting for a competition. Apsolutely EVERY aspect of dieting for bodybuilding ,and sports training (energy and such). And if there are any books out there that touch base a little on dieting while on steroids ,I would love to know so I could check it out. Thanks guys.


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    Arnolds Encyclopedia seems to be the best all around book from start to finish.

    But as far as dieting, buy a few books and get a solid overall understanding and not just one viewpoint ....

    Like : Fit for life - Bodybuilding Nutrition - The Blood Diet are a few books that may help your understanding of the body and how it works.

    INTUITIVE DIETING is the key all must understand. Everyones Metabolism does work specifically different. Some things can be generalized but you must learn ( over time ) what your body does with the foods your eating

    Good Luck


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