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Thread: A diet

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    A diet

    Hey guys, I need your help! I am 1.94m, 220lbs, I've been training for a year. I don't know how to mesure bodyfat, but i think 30lbs or more are fat. Despite this, I don't look very fat, because I am tall. Still, I think it's time to get rid of some love handles.
    I have been reading about how to shred the fat without losing muscle, or at least without losing too much muscle. So I was thinking about consuming 2 000kcalories on non training days and 2 200kcalories on training days. Usually, I eat about 3 000kcalories on training days and 2 700kcalorie on non training days, but sometimes it's too much for my slow metabolism; cardio in the AM, 4 or 5 times a week, 3 times weight training, and walking outside as much as I can! But, i don't know what kind of diet to use, that's what I wanted to ask you?? What do you thinl about a diet high in protein, moderate fat(fish oil capsules, flax seeds, olive oil, I can find some primrose oil capsules also) and low in carbohydrates coming from vegetables?? What should be the protein/carbohydrate/fat ratio?? You can help me also by giving me some interesting links about dieting and diets. Actually, any advice is welcomed!

    Thank you very much, happy new year everyone!

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    I think you would be right on target with such a diet. Try to get the carbs down to less than 5 grams a day for the first week - and if you begin getting results you can gradually reintroduce them. So what that would mean is mostly fresh meat, chicken, pork, and fish. Maybe a couple cups of loosely packed lettuce perday no dressing or maybe just a little oil. No Fruit. No Ketchup. No sugar.

    I wouldn't worry about the protien to fat ratio, at least at first. That can come later when you are trying to get from 11% bf to 9%, but for now you are probably still pretty high, so this will probably work.

    There are a bunch of different ways to get your bodyfat tested. They will probably do it for you using callipers at your gym. There are several other ways to test, but this is the most common, and is reasonaby accurate if done correctly.

    I don't know what your workout regiment is, but 30 minutes or more of high intensity cardio 6 days a week, will really speed up your progress.

    Don't worry about losing muscle. As long as you have some fat in your diet, I'll bet you will retain most of it.

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