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    Only 100 Carbs Perday Diet!

    I'm presently on a low carb diet. Its a modified version of the atkins diet. I'm trying to eat no more than 100 carbs a day. Anyone else experimented with thistype of diet to lose fat and what were your results as far as fat loss was concerned? Also did you lose much muscle on this diet.

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    I'm currently running a similar program witha few subtle differences. First of all, even though 100g/day carbs is low it will not produce Atkins like results. Atkins suggest eating less than 20g/day of carbs and upping your fat intake so your body goes into a state of ketosis (burns existing fat for fuel). Although the weight drops quickly I really don't recommend it if you want to look muscular as most on this board do and no carbs will leave you with a flat, soft look. That is why bodybuilders do not use this type of dieting (except for short periods when preparing for a show). If you are going to go 100g/day I recommend doing it for 3 days and on the 4th day up your carb intake to 400g. Follow this 3 day low, one day carb up plan so your body does not think it is carb depleted. Get your carbs from sources such as oats, yams (sweet potatos), brown rice...stay away from breads, cerals, bagels and pasta.

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    I have been doing that same diet now for two weeks. It seems to be working out good for me.

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    i do 3 days at in a row of about 20-40g of carbs, then up my carbs with a cheat meal every 4th day. on the 3 days that are low carb they are also low fat (About 10-15g ) work really well for me and keeps me sane

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    I am eating 165g of carbs and been losing fat and my strength has been increasing.

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