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    too many protein shakes?

    i weigh about 150 rite now, im basically tryin to just bulk up. if im tryin to take in about 225g of protein a day, is it bad if i get about 120 from protein shakes? i been tryin chicken and all that but that gets expensive. also i cannot stand tuna so thats out of the question. can i get some advice?

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    i dont see a problem with the shakes. if you have an HEB near your house you can pick up some of their microwaveable hamburgers. they are pretty good. Pop em in the microwave for like 3 minutes and your good to go. I think each burger has about 20-25 g protein in them.

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    Protein shakes are great for post workout or if u're in a jam and u don't have time to eat. However, real food is always better then a protein shake. If u can't afford chicken, then u might want to try tuna, cottage cheese, or eggs. I know u said that u don't like tuna, alot of us don't. You gotta give up something to get something sometimes. If u look at the eating schedules of guys who are preppin for contest(a good example is mike xxl) i swear it makes me cry, i know he hates tuna and he downs a couple cans every day. I don't even care what i'm puttin in my mouth any more, i just down it and forget about it, to me food is just fuel.

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    saboudian is right....sacrifice id the key. Shakes are good like he said but you need to stick with real food as much as possible. If chicken gets too expensive tuna is good, trust me the taste sucks a$$ but sometimes you just gotta eat 'em. Eggs, beans, milk, lean red meat, and so on. If you want to get big you're gonna have to suck it up and eat.

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    Actually I'm on the a new craze of eating cottage cheese, which has 13g in 1/2cup, and eating that stuff is like eating fluff, it just goes down so easy. Do that a few times a day and eat high protein meals and your set. But a can of tuna couldn't hurt either.

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    gotta suck it up it will be worth it!!!!!!!!

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