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    insulin and diets

    Was reading this weekend(scary i know) and thought this was interesting. Insulin helps shuttle nutrients into cells, as bodybuilder a) when we eat our body relaease it or b) we inject it.( i think most guys know this already)

    Now the interesting part. Receptors for insulin are in fat cells and muscle cells, but here is the problem for some. If your body fat is high say over 12% the receptors in fat cells are more likly to uptake nutrients and in turn store as fat. If your lean then receptors in muscle cells are more liky to uptake and use them for growth. What is my point, well a lot of guys ask about using slin for bulking and bulking diets etc.. bottom line is ideally you should stay lean year round (within reason) if your body fat is high don't use slin as supplement, don't eat a lot of high GI index carbs/sugars which will casue your body to release slin. Eat protien w/ carbs as that lowers the GI index.

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    Good read Silverfox....I'll bump ya!

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