Hi Guys (and gals)
This is my first post, although i've been hiding in the shadows for some time. It never ceases to amaze me that however much i think I know about training and diet etc I am learning new things every day through the info and posts on this board. It truly is an excellent forum.
I need some advice. Been training now pretty seriously for around 5 years. 5ft 8inches, 190lb around 12-14pc b.fat. My training has been pretty basic, squats d.lifts and bpress are prioritised and I train 4 days per week. I eat 6 times a day, lots of <a href="http://www.allsportsnutrition.com/listproducts.php?style=category&value=PROTEIN" target="_blank">protein</a> etc, etc. Obviously my bf is high because I have always bulked. I wanted first to get some size, which I feel i have acheived slowly and steadily and now I reckon its time to diet.
I plan to diet over 12 weeks/ 3 months and ive started to cut carbs after 5pm, I know this works on me as Ive experimented before, after a few weeks ill start to really clean up the diet, eliminating a little fat and then start the cardio (first thing in the morning). I may start an EC stack the last month, ill see how it goes. Anyway, the diet bit i beleive I have nailed, what do you guys do on the training side?
Im so used to going heavy that I think that this is where my problem will lie. Do you gradually lessen the weight as you enevitably feel weaker or do you change your program and drop the weights and increase the reps straight away? I am concerned that reducing my lifts will sacrifice muscle mass butI want to train in a way that I adapt to my diet phase.
So, what do you guys do/suggest for training whilst dieting. What sort of sets, reps do you use and how should my training change.