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    Question What do you guys/gals take with you to work?

    Just wondering what you eat on your work hours

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    If I don't go home for my meals( I always go home for at least one)

    5 chicken breasts(various spices and cooking methods(bake/grill/broil)
    2 Protein shakes with 1 cup of oatmeal in each
    2 Turkey on dry wheat bread

    1,670 calories give or take

    Breakfast before work, three meals after work.

    Post workout shake not included in daily calories.

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    I take to work....

    4 baked chicken breasts
    2 cups of rice or potatoes
    1 cup of veggies
    1 apple or grapes
    1 turkey breast sandwich only mustard
    2 cans of tuna

    ..........and that's only if I'm working 8 hours, if I plan on working 12 I'll take a bit more. Breakfast before work, and 3 meals afterwork plus 2 shakes.
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    chinups Guest
    I bring meals and they are te obvious meats and fish. Protein powder in draw and a cafe on the B level for salads...

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    -Swanson canned chicken mixed with 1 cup of oats (75g of protein)
    -tuna on 100% whole wheat bread
    -1 cup of veggies
    -lots of H2O
    -Sometimes a protein bar for a snack

    This covers a 5hr. shift during the week. On weekends, working longer hr. shifts I bring more grub of course.

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    1 can of tuna or chicken breast with miracle whip no bread
    1 granola bar
    I used to take 2 Optimum Vanilla shakes with oatmeal (1C)
    Dextrose for postworkout

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    I pack my cooler, take normal meals, 12oz of chicken/steak/tuna whatever, right amount of rice or whatever carbs, 4l of water.

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