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    Question Postworkout Nutrition Help Please

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the few threads I started, I will make this one final and complete with all details so as not to have 5 threads related

    Stats: 21 years old, 1.8m tall, 75kg, 9% bodyfat.

    Background: whilst trying to lean out I cut carbs so that I was having fibrous veges ONLY during the day, except: oats in the morning; postworkout I would have dextrose and whey; post postworkout oats with lean protein 1.5 hours later. I tried many different combination and amounts of oats/dextrose and found by experimenting that I had difficulty leaning out having carbs both postworkout and post postworkout. I started having only oats postworkout along with whey, and 2.5-3 hours later a protein and fibrous vege meal with moderate fats.

    I want to try introduce simple sugars again to help recovery, since I have felt flat, but want to limit ingesting carbs to ONLY postworkout, and then have a normal meal 2-3 hours after without heavy carbs (ie. veges). I would like to know if this sounds okay for a postworkout shake:

    40g whey
    40g oats (about 25g complex carbs)
    25g dextrose/maltodextrin
    5g glutamine

    Reasoning: this would give me my quick acting protein, the dextrose is simple to spike insulin , the oats are complex to keep me full until the next meal 2-3 hours later. I know its not optimal for recovery, where I would normally have 40-50g dextrose only with whey, but I am scared to add so many simple sugars since my body doesn’t react well to them in terms of fat storage. I also want to restrict the only 2 times to have major carbs to in the morning and directly after training.

    One final question: if that shake would be okay, would it be better to have dextrose with the shake or maltodextrin??

    In case it helps, my days are roughly like this: (with that shake included)

    8am: 40g protein, 40g complex carbs, 10g healthy fats.
    11am: 40g protein, 5-10g carbs (veges), 15g healthy fats.
    1pm: train
    2:30pm: postworkout shake, 40g protein, 25g complex carbs, 25g simple carbs
    5pm: 40g protein, 5-10g carbs (veges), 10g healthy fats.
    8pm: 35g protein, 5g carbs max, 15g healthy fats
    11-12pm (bedtime): just before bed, protein blend = 35g protein, 10g flax oil.

    TOTALS: fluctuations included, 220-230g protein, 100-120g carbs, 55-65g fats.
    NON TRAINING DAYS: the same as above, except instead of postworkout meal I would have a normal meal with protein, veges and healthy fats, so I get more healthy fats in during the day with oats the only major carbs in the morning.

    Thanks again for any input/advice!

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    I would bump your post workout shake up to at least 50 grams of dextrose/malodextrin. Whether the one is better then the other....I'm pretty sure dextrose is higher on the gi index then malodextrin causing more of an insulin spike. Actually my personal trainer (professional bodybuilder) suggested that I combine the two in my PW drink. They supposedly work well together. But see for yourself...experiment!
    Another suggestion is to take your weight, let's say 200 lbs and now double that. So on monday and tuesday consume 400 grams of carbs, wed and thursday consume 200 (#of your weight) grams of carbs and friday/sat eat 100 grams of carbs. Sunday eat whatever you want.
    Have 35% of your carbs for breakfast and 35% of carbs post-W and post-post-workout. This program was designed to maximize muscle growth and burn fat...Hope this helps...Usualsuspect

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    hi there,

    So you say I should have 50g of carbs along with the 40g of protein? I will give that a go for sure. It's not really that I am scared of adding carbs postworkout - I know how vital they are - its a fear of adding too many simple sugar due to my body's reaction (learned the hard way )

    Would it be a problem replacing the maltodextrin with oats? That way I would still get both complex and simple sugars, still get the insulin spike via dextrose, and I would be kept full enough till the next meal 2+ hours later. I fear adding 50 grams of sugars will turn into fat storage.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have followed the advice of many and now directly PWO I have 40g whey with 40g dextrose. I just have 2 questions:

    1. How long after that shake must I have my meal? 1.5 hours ok?
    2. That meal will include fibrous vege's and protein - must it also include some healthy fats (which I need to get in on my low carb diet). Are the fats ok here or must I skip them here and fill them in other meals throughout the day instead?


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    What do dextrose and maltodextrine do?

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    Dextrose give you a high insulin spike, also i believe it rushing things as protien and carb that you put in your body quicker.

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