I am from BB.COM but it seems that the forum over there is experiencing a lot of problems so the quality of help has been knocked down a few notches.. Hope someone here can help me out..

Well, I have tried to give this diet a try before and I have failed. I have done a CKD, and TKD diet since about Decem. I have not been all that strict but I do only have a few percents till I am satisfied. Currently I have maintained the weight of 176lbs, However this time I will stop weighing myself and keep measuring my waist since its all about the Fat loss not the Weight.. I am kind of stuck on which direction I want to go however. I want to do this diet: http://www.meni.net/nick/ultimate_d..._get_ripped.htm

However, after watching some tv and reading up on The Zone diet, It has caught my eye. I kind of feel that I need to change up things to make some progress hence why this idea is not final and I will continue to look into The Zone!

Here is some basic research I have done on the diet posted above..

Example Diet
servings of Whey/ 1 tablespoon of Flax Oil
8 - 10oz London Broil Steak (Extra Lean)/ 1-2 cups Green Veggies.
Grilled Salmon/ 1-2 cups Green Veggies.
3 servings of Whey/ 1 tablespoon of Flax Oil
2 Cans of Tuna/ Chopped Onions/Celery/ 1 tablespoon of Safflower Mayonaise.
(Post Workout) MRP or 2 servings of Whey/10oz Orange Juice.
10oz Extra Lean Steak/ 2 cups Veggies.

Breaks Down to about :
Protein 1.5 - 2 grams per lb of Bodyweight
Fat .5 - .75grams per lb of Bodyweight
Carbs (only post workout) 30-50 grams*
Fiber in the form of Green Veggies - As much as Possible.

What I will consume:
Protein: 264 grams
Fat: 132 grams of fat
Carbs: I’m going to experiment with that whole ALA theory and take them daily. I expect to be under 70grams of carbs still though.
Fiber: Eat green stay lean!

Protein Shakes
Yohimbine HCL at 5mg 3x daily – I have fat only in the lower Abs and this is suppose to help.
Flax Seed Oil
Centrum Silver Tablets

This is based on 11x the bodyweight of 176lbs for the amount of calories.
9 calories per gram of fat. 132 x 9 = 1188 Calories from Fat
4 calories per gram of protein. 264 x 4 = 1056 Calories from Protein
4 calories per gram of Carbs. 70* x 4 = 280
Total amount of Calories consumed ideally: 2524 Calories
Target amount of Calories is 1936.
Amount of Cardio needed: 588

*I will be taking ALA and I am not sure how that effects the carbs. 588 calories during a cardio session does not seem ideal for me however I guess throughout the day its possible that I will burn that much.

Now for some of my foods I run into the problem of having no clue how to calculate the amount of fat or protein since there is not a nutritional label!

Which direction should I head in.. The Zone or stay with the Keto type diet. I am kind of stuck and Will post a typical day on the Zone later on tonight.

Thanks a lot..