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    I need a good Deff program .. plz help

    Hi my problem isnt losing fat ..

    my problem is keeping thin...
    its like this ..

    last summer I did my firts deff period .. it went really well got real cut ..
    but i didn¨t ceap it that way the minut i stop running i went fat again ..

    so i would like som tips about suppliments and food ..
    complete setup .. cal a day .. cardio .. u name it

    plz help ...

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    Well if you stopped running and got fat that means you need to keep on running. I do cardio 5 times a week and it keeps off all the fat. You dont have to run quick just 30-45min. will do it. What's your diet?

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    I agree with Wimp. The sad reality is that if you want to remain ripped there is no supplement, pill, or potion that will get you there without keeping a good fitness routine. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    If running got you where you wanted to be, stick with it.

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