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    2 Weeks with Diet and Cardio

    My daily meal plan has been looking like this

    Wake up: egg whites, wheat bagel, non-fat cream cheese
    Mid-day: eas low carb protein bar
    Afternoon: ground turkey in a wheat tortilla
    Early evening snack: cottage cheese, tangerines, or soy milk (tuna is on standby, along with chicken breast)
    Evening meal: usually chicken and veggies, or rice, roast beef maybe or whatever the leanest thing they have where I eat. also, sugarfree, non-fat frozen yogurt (tonight its my cooking: mesquite marinated chicken breast trimmed clean, with whole wheat speghetti)
    Before sleep snack: cottage cheese, or something light

    Post Resistance Training: Met-rx shake with strawberries, and bananna

    Pre-Meal Morning Cardio 3-4X per week: 45 minutes consisting of 20 on the treadmill at an incline walk followed by 25 minutes of biking, target heart rate 150-160

    I started this about two weeks ago... I was barely eating until a few bros here put my ass in check.

    I started at 189lbs after my meager eating, and I have slimmed down to 186 right now. My goal is to slim down bf% before april 1st when I start fina/winny cycle. 186 sounds light, but I actually have a good deal of solid mass. The weight loss is noticable... tightened up 1-1.5 loops on the belt, my arms are looking FUCKING CUT, my gut is shrinking, endurance is up, energy is up, and I fucking feel GREAT.

    I can't wait to see how this progresses. I'm getting lots of good comments and the women are being extra nice. I LOVE it.

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    nice results

    some of the bros told me the same thing, that I was setting my body into a catabolic state by barely eating and working out like a mad man. I figured because a sweat like a mother fucker that I would just drop weight. Well, the first 20lbs left quickly since then I have lost 1 lb. Now it has been 2 months with no results...frustrating as all hell.

    Bro-keep me posted. If you find anything else that works, please post it. I'm going to try this "eat to loose weight" thing today.


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