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Thread: Protein shake

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    Protein shake

    Whats up guys? What is the best protein shake to make. Should I include egg whites or just buy protein at GNC or something? I have tried many different things but I just want some input on what different people think and their results with protein. Thanks

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    well it depends what ur looking for....if ur looking for pure whey, that Pro Rated Protein they are selling at allsportsnutrition(10lbs for 37.95) tastes fantastic and it is a great deal. Protein powder is just a great way to get extra protein in ur diet without sacrificing too many calories. Add to any meal that lacks sufficient amounts.
    In terms of weight gainer protein, thats a totally different thing. Depend on what you are trying to acheive in ur diet. I think the best site to buy protein at is Check it out. You will have tons of stuff to choose from. I hope i helped in some way.

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    I just order 10lbs of protein from AR site on Wed. and I received it today. The taste is pretty good too!

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