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    Unhappy High Cholestrol Levels?

    Hey i'm 16 and i recently got a blood test done and the doctors say my bad cholestrol levels are slightly higher than normal. I just went on a bulking cycle and went from 165 to 195lbs in 8 months. I've put on a decent amount of muscle but i also put on alot of fat. The doctor says i should drop some weight. I'm planning to cut in a few weeks. I was wondering after i drop some bodyfat and go down to 9-10% will my cholestrol levels drop? My moms side has a history of high cholestrol. what can i do? i feel so discouraged because i try so hard to eat every 2-3 hours healthy and workout but i got high cholestrol after i started upping my calories when bulking. I know i bulked wrong cause i over ate too much but next year i'll do it properly and track every single thing i put in my mouth.

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    of course it will freaking dropp,even if you dont loose the weight but you eat fiberous carbs,protein and the good kind of fats(flax oil,olive oil,fish oil,nuts etc)and one more thing stay away from fried foods

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    You obviously answered your own question when you said you put on alot of fat when you were bulking. This tells me you didn't clean bulk which is alot more beneficial IMO. You probably just ate everything and anything in sight...

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