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    George Foreman grill

    Right now, I am on a bulking diet. Usually eating 5 meals per day, 2 protein shakes, and sometimes 1-2 weight gainers. I've been using the Foreman grill for about 4 months now and the thing is awesome so far. Before this, I ran out of time or was too lazy to cook something, but a steak in 4 minutes- who can't wait that long? The one prob I have, though is taste. If you don't get it out at exactly the right time, steaks and chicken breasts go desert-dry. Also, any sauce you throw on usually leaks out anyway. Anybody with the grill have any tips on making the stuff taste better?

    PS. ppl who don't have time to cook proper should def. consider this grill. I got the small one that cooks 1-2 things at a time. If you don't have a family, then pick the small one for a few bucks.

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    i got the same one. i use it almost every single day. all the marinades usually burn or leak out, but the only one that has worked decent is worstchester sauce (spelling probabbly way off) but thats a good one for chicken.

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    I have the hamilton beach with unreal with cooking. I usually marinate everything I can a few hours before preparing and I also use Mrs. Dash on all my meats. Toss your chicken in with diced potatoes, garlic, onion and red/green/yellow peppers and you'll be enjoying your meals.


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    I use a cast iron pan with raised ridges. Puts nice marks on the meat. The Forman in nice and quick but IMO sucks to clean.


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    I have the grill and i think it is a pain in the azz( no pun intended ) you have to clean the damm thing and most of the time it burns the chicken. Here is a full proff way for you to cook your chicken breast with virtually no clean up and savor all the juices
    1. set oven to 350
    2. get a large baking pan
    3. find your self a oven cooking bag the same one they use for turkey or roast or for doing vegis
    4. trim up your chicken( get fat off it0
    5. toss in bag
    6. add spices inside bag and shake up to cover chicken
    7. tie up end of bag and put about 6-- .5" holes in top
    8. cook for 30 to 35 minutes
    9. when you done remove chicken and all the juices will still be in the bag
    10. throw away
    .. no clean up all you have to do is throw away the bag!! chicken will be perfectly cooked
    .. make sure chicken is fully thawed out also!!

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    I really like my Foreman grill, or just preheat oven to 400, take chicken with potatoes, onions, and seasoning wrap in foil, toss in oven for 45 minutes to an hour and mess, no clean up for all ya'll lazy bastards out there! Just kidding!LOL

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    I have a Hamilton Beach and a George Foreman griller, they both work great!!!

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    I love the Foreman grill. To clean it, I set it in the sink (obviously not submersing in water) & wipe it off with a brush while it's still hot, it's no problem at all, takes maybe 30 secs.

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    I used to love my George Forman but hated the clean up work I had to do after cooking with any sauces or juices from the meat.

    Recently we bought a little portable bbq for 24 bucks and 3 little tanks of propane for 10 bucks. I have cooked 2.5 hours x 4 sessions and only used 1.2 tanks so it's affordable.

    clean up is a breaze and after leaving it outside for 30 minutes it's cold enough for me to bring in and lock away.

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    chinups Guest


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    We had a thread on this subject be4 we all know the champ has the best grill. I love mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love my foreman grill. Your suppose to clean it?

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    If you try marinating the meat for an hour or so, the flavor of the sauce stays pretty well and you don't have to worry so much about all that sauce dripping off as you cook.

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