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    critique my diet

    im 5'6"_176 around 13%bf
    i will be eating 1900cal daily.
    12calx154LBM= 1900cal(rounded off) My goal is to get to 10% or little lower body fat

    my macros are 45pro/45carb/10fat

    carb sources: brown rice,vegies,potatoes,oatmeal, and dextrose

    protein: tuna,chicken,egg whites,whey shakes, fat free cottage cheese

    fats:flaxseed ol

    other supps: glutaine(18-20)grams daily
    multi vit/min
    extra vitC (3000)mg's/day

    cardio 4-5days/wk 30 min sessions

    weight raining each muscle 1x week

    Im new to this so any help would be appreciated

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    Looks pretty good bro, not bad for some one that is new to this stuff. For your weight I think 1900 is a good number to cut with, I am 225 @ 14% and I use 2300 to cut. See how you feel at this level if you feel like crap up the cals. Plus you might want to up the cals because you are doing cardio 4-5 times plus I am assuming 6 weight training sessions. That is a lot of energy used, you will probably feel like crap on 1900 cals. Also for me personally, I would lower the carb ratio and up the fat ratio. Also watch out for the potatos they are pretty high on the GI index. Also you might want to lower the vit c, you will probably piss out a lot of that.


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    10% Fats? Thats 21g from what you got there....and flax seed oil has 13-14g per serving.

    Yeah and I agree potatoes aren't the best choice and I am kind of iffy on brown rice, although its one of the better choices, there are better ones, beans, lentils, etc etc.

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