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    Diet alternatives due to lack of money!

    Hey Guys! I'm starting my cutting cycle. Before when dieting for a show, I'd only eat, chicken, eggs, steak, potatoes, and oatmeal. Also protein shakes and creatine until certain weeks out. Anyway, I'km cutting again now, and due to lack of money, and pressure from the folks, are there any alternatives regarding what I can eat and still get into contest shape? Like, what about Pork, roast beef, roast chicken, roast turkey, roast meaing rotissere. Also rice as an alternative to potato. Anyway, I'm just looking for other types of meat I can eat and still get the same effect and end results from dieting. I'm 18, natural, 235-240 lbs offseason, 190ish on stage. Also If there is any way to get rid of my love handles either completely or quicker would be appreciated as well. Thanks everyone! If you want you can email me,
    Thanks again!

    Chest 45-47 inches
    Arms 17-18 inches
    Legs 28 inches roughly

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    Tuna is a cheapy. Roast beef is fine as long as it is lean and doesn't have too much sodium, same with turkey. I would try to stick with the chicken, steak, eggs tuna is a definite though. Try some canned salmon or canned chicken too. The best advice is by your meats when they go on sale in large quantities and freeze some this will help with the money. As for rice go with slow cooked brown rice, IMO it is better than potatos (lower on the GI index) Hope this helps.


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    huge0503, I see by your email addr that you're probably from Newfoundland?

    Hit the fish and sea foods! Been told by many Maratimer friends that sea food is "poor mans" food there... well there is a bounty of protein for ya.

    Personally I'd kill to have such access to fresh fish... I am SOO fed up of canned tuna it's not even funny For some reason we ain't got no fresh products of the sea here in Montreal... and I ain't sure I'd eat anything from the St-Lawrance!

    Take care bro


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