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Thread: diet poll

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    Feb 2003
    new york

    diet poll

    what kind of diets do you use to cut up?? macros, supplements, calories a day when cutting

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    yellows2k is offline Member
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    Northern VA
    2200 calories

    50P/20C/30F on regular carb days
    40P/30C/30F on high carb days

    Vitamins, glocasamine, vitamin B, whey protein, dextrose, glutamine, creatine, ECA, and now clen

    5'8 160lbs about 14-15%BF

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    Feb 2003
    2000 calories (ish)

    40/25/20 pro carb fat......the other 15% i use to cycle, ill at it to protien or fat but every third day 5-10% is carbs.

    Multi Vitamin, xenadrine (2-4 tabs a day, 5-6 days a week), Flax oil, minimum of a gallon of water a day. most all protien form shakes and tuna. not allot of variety.

    Ketosticks to verify ketosis during cardio, and to verify non-ketosis rest of the day.

    60 min of cardio 6 days a week.

    Im on my third week of this and people other that me are seeing the results.
    About a year ago i did this same thing but was not councisous of carbs just total calories and it took more than a month to do what i have in 3 weeks. Down from a max of 215 to about 208

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    50/15/35 (pro/carbs/fat) Then I have a carb up day every 3 days.


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    around 50g protein/zero carbs and 12-18g fat for my first 4 meals.. Post workout is dextrose and protein shake and before bed is chicken/rice/broc. for dinner. Cheat meal once per week.

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