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    Diet question from girlfriend.....

    My girlfriend wanted me to post this question for her.

    "Is there something I can take to get rid of the soft layer of fat over my stomach muscles?....

    I am in very good shape and my arms and legs have very little fat on them. However, no matter how much cardio and stomach exercises I do, I can't seem to get rid of this soft layer around my torso and lower back. Any suggestions??"

    she is basically looking for suggestions beyond the obvious... she does a lot of cardio(5days a week) and lifts. She eats pretty clean. She is a vegitarian, but supplements protine. She takes ECA as well.......

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    those puppies are made in the kitchen! sorry, but it's true, it's just like a guy, once you get to that bodyfat %...only really really clean foods and efficient cardio will kill that last few %

    I've seen chicks who are downright skinny and still have that layer on the abs and lower back...clean food and cardio is the solution...

    one thing she might thing about....Biotest T2-Pro and MD6...i've seen these two products shed the last few % and i'm currently taking them...gotta say, they work

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    what about Cutting gel??
    never tried but transdermal gel kinda makes sense in this case
    $50 wont hurt trying lol

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