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    Help with getting to 7%

    Right now I am currently around 10 percent at 5'11 185. I want to get to 7 percent before gaining size again. I am planning on doing cardio 3-4 X 25 minutes a week also i lift 5 days.I also take stacker 2 one in the morning and one before cardio. I plan on doing carbs (day 1 125) (day 2 150) (day 3 175) with every saturday being a 250+ carb day. I need to get an idea for total calories a day and fat and protien intake. All help is appreciated.

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    I would up the cardio to about 35-40mins a day if you are trying to cut. Esp. down to 7% and you are not doing your cardio in the morning on an empty stomach so you are just getting your glycogen levels low at about 15-20mins. The carb cycle looks good to me. For total calories that is up to your body and your metabolism. Make sure you are getting a little above 1g/lb of protein and healty fats.


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