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    All you extremists are wrong? Check out what the Zone diet says

    I recently purchased the zone diet by phd dr. barry sears as some of you know, and he states that if weight training, you should eat 1lb of protein per pound of LBM, NOT lbs of bodyweight. Excess protein converts to glycogen and could raise insulin levels, preventing fat loss.

    I think it is called glucogeonisis. I can find the quote from the book, but basically thats what it says. So I have around 160lbs of LBM. 160g is what i should eat, not 200lbs+.
    What do you knowledgeable bros say to this? Yellows, big texan, pain, mike etc?

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    1st post of were saying...?

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    That is what mostly everyone says. Most people just use regular body weight because your BF shouldn't be higher than 15% even for me that is 30lbs that isn't much more extra protein it won't break the bank. Plus using that number makes up for the fact that when calorie counting you are counting protein from incomplete sources like grains and nuts, which are still good but not as good as the meats, dairy...... Helps even that number out. I am sure most people get about 20g a day from incomplete sources. Don't believe everything you read, think about it in your head and try to prove it wrong, if you can't then adopt the theory.


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    I say ZONE diet is geared torwards more or less regural people, not me......there is a million dieting techniques and diet, each have some advantages, shit even jenny craig has an advantage and it is you can eat whatever you want just need to count your the truth is the more shit you eat the more like shit you look...back to the zone diet, i have use it however i would eat 250gm of carbs and 250gm of protein, even more i like a veriation of the zone diet with 40% protein and 30% of fat & carbs, especcially if trying to reduce BF, that's what my wife has used in the past with great success...XXL

    All of the Statements made by Mr. Mike_XXL are purely fictional and have absolutely no merit and are not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease, please consult your Physician before starting any exercise and supplement regiment.

    Canadian proud, Northern muscle baby!

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    I think the Sears may have modified his earlier theories, as he has introduced a new low carb bar. They are high protien and only 2 grams of carb. They are the best tasting protien bars I have had.

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    Well looks like everyone has answered this one. Yes, it should be for base purpose only 1gram of protein per pound of LBM. but most people couldn't tell you what their LBM is, so it's just just as good and much easier to go by your total weight.

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