Ok. I am 185 at around 10bf. Want to get to 7%.
Mon- Chest and light tri's (Cardio 25-30)
tues-Back and light bi's
wed-Delts Traps (Cardio 25-30min)
fri-Arms calves
sat-Traps (Cardio 25-30min)

Diet will be
day1 100carbs 60 fats 315 pro 2200 calories
day2 125 carbs 60 fats 290 pro 2200 calories
day3 150 carbs 60 fats 265 pro 2200 calories
Sat. 350 carbs 60 fats 180 pro 2660

any help adjusting would be appreciated or if you think i need to base it off more calories but I am planning to do something similar to this until i shed 3 percent. Would like to do it without much muscle loss. Also should I cut out stacker 2?
Thanks all