Hey bros, just trying to get some diet schedual down...

My first cycle is going to include:

400mg/wk EQ for 8 or 10wks (not sure yet)
50mg ED of Winny Tabs (either throughout whole cycle, or wks 7-12 if i go 10wks on EQ)
Clomid to finish up cycle.

Anyway... diet ideas, I wasn't too sure, I would like to bring in around 4,000cals a day, 1.5g protein/lb of body weight. I weigh about 190... I'm 6'1" and my metabolism is pretty fast. I normally out eat most people I know and don't gain easily...

If you guys have any links to posts for good diets let me know. I don't expect you to write up a huge post for me, heh, any suggestions would help. I'm trying to gain a good amount of lean muscle from this cycle, I'm sure not much fat will stay due to my high metabolism... but could be wrong.

Thanks a ton bros -