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Thread: Help me eat!!!

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    Help me eat!!!

    How do you bros who consume like 5,000 calories a day friggin do it? Im eating like 3,500 calories a day or so, and its hard, I hafta force myself to eat, Im eating a meal every 3 hours, and im still semi-full from the previous meal, and each meal I eat I hafta eat less the next meal simply because I cant force myself to eat more...

    How do you stimulate ur appetite????? I just cant do it my small stomach cant take it, belows my basic diet:

    10:00am pre workout meal
    1 serving N-Large 2
    1 Multi Vitamin
    1 tbsp. Hemp Oil

    11:00am workout

    12:00pm Post workout meal
    1.5 serving N-Large 2
    1 bannana
    1 Multi Vitamin

    3:00pm meal 3
    9 ounces beef/pork/tuna
    2 cups of rice/pasta - with vegetables

    6:00pm meal 4
    9 ounces beef/pork/tuna
    2 cups of rice/pasta - with vegetables
    1 tbsp. hemp oil

    9:00pm meal 5
    9 ounces beef/pork/tuna
    1 cup of rice/pasta - with vegetables
    2 cups skim milk

    10:30pm bedtime shake
    1 serving pure protein powder
    1 tbsp. hemp oil

    2:00am half dazed sleep shake
    1 serving pure protein powder

    9:00am wake up and repeat.

    any suggestions? Anything i can take or do to stimulate my appetite???

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    You gotta break it down and eat a meal every 2 hours. It will be better than cramming more cals at each meal, you will get less fat gains. After your post workout meal eat again 1 hours later, then start the every 2 hour schedual. That will give you an extra 2 meals.


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    maybe try some b12 for the hunger problem, but pain said enough also

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    Try getting your 3000 from food and rest from weight gainer drinks.
    You can find some that have ridiculous amounts of calories, get one that fits your needs, like weider 1000 with 1000cals.
    Lots of protein and carbs, add a tbsp of peanut butter, some fruit, be creative. The key to cramming food is calorie density plus quality.

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    b12 works for me I have the same problem. I'm a big guy and it's hard to get the calories when your drinking water all day your just full... I had to lower tren levels . It's really rough to get 500grams of protein everyday

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