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    Nov 2002

    lost about 14lbs. and 6.6 % bodyfat.

    about a year ago was the ls ttime i had my BF tested and it was at 18%. about 3 months ago i weighed myself on a doctors scale and i was at 193. i was pretty muscular but still had decent amount of fat. i wieghed myself a few days ago and i was at 175-180. i was pretty happy with myself. the weird thing i just changed my diet around. eating a lot but just eating healthier. i alos am taking an ephedrine supplement. does it seem wierd that i lost that weight with practiclly no cardio?

    the only thing that was really consistent was my breakfast and the protein powder, and supplements. as far as lunch and dinner it was usually different but usually a mix of carbs and higher protein. i have recently started mixing in boiled potatoes for more carbs and i want to start eating more whole foods cause i want to grow more. It just seems wierd to me that i lost that weight with no cardio and just a healthier diet. ive never really eaten very bad foods, i just cleaned it up a bit.

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    NO, Diet is the #1 thing when it comes to our body. Good work.


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    Congrats man.....I'm also dieting down with ephedrine and cutting back some on carbs. I will be adding in cardio soon though and in a matter of a couple weeks have noticed sinificant changes already.

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    yeah its not weird that you lost all that weight with just a change of diet. cardio is good, but diet is key. When i change my diet from a bulking phase to a cutting phase, i usually lose 5-10 pds within the first 3 weeks with only doing 2 days of moderate cardio. When i threw the intense cardio in, thats when the weight melted off real quick. nice job!

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    great job. Diet is key.

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    The ephedrine not only speeds up you metabolism it surpresses your appitite, so I am not surprised. Congrats on your progress.

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