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    CKD diet Question

    I notice that this diet is very low carbs, but high in protein and fat.
    Why high in fat? I thought in order to lose fat you need to avoid it?

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    Do a search if you want to fully understand the concept it is pretty hard to explain and no you do not have to aviod fat to lose fat, you need calories in to be less than calories out, that is the most important thing. CKD gets your body used to using fat as energy( in which you get a byproduct called ketos in your urine) so infect it makes fat grams only have like 5cals per gram or something like that. thta is a good board for CDK info.


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    I agree, total calories is what matters. You can get Dr. Atkins New diet Revolution in any library, it has alot of good info on high fat diets.

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