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    another flax question...

    Sorry if this was already answered but I need someone to clear this up for me. I wake up ed to a cup of oats and a scoop of protein followed by my workout (no cardio) an hr later. Basically my schedule is as follows: Meal 1, workout, pwo drink, meals 2-6. Now from my understanding...I should not add flax to my 1st meal since carbs and fats should NOT go together. And the 3 important meals following my workout should be void of any fat as to avoid storing fat from increased slin levels. And I was told (but don't understand why) that a scoop of protein mixed with water is my best bet before bed as my last meal. So the question is where does flax seed oil find room in my diet?...Usualsuspect

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    Well, depending on what kind of diet I'm on I take 1-6 Tblspns a day. Right now I'm on a maintenace diet and take in 1 which is consumed in my 2nd meal of the day. Allthough I don't workout untill after my 5th meal in the evening.

    I would say, find a meal that you can make protein and fats and do that.
    The 3 meals following your workout would be OK to take Flax. It's a matter of energy, so if your consuming more food than your body needs for energy, you'll have fat storage(whether it's carbs or fat)

    Before bed, I either have some fat free cottage cheese, a piece of chicken or a peice of lean steak. Then at 3am, I consume a protein shake

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    I like to use it before bed mainly as it slows down the absorption of my protein, but other than that I have it whenever I can fit it in, except post workout.


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