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    Arrow Converting from a cutting to bulking diet

    In about four weeks I'll be finishing up a pretty sucessful cutting cycle. I'm really starting to feel quite skinnny and can't wait to put on some mass again. Now the question is, what is the best way to ease into the change of diet. Personally I don't think it would be the greatest idea to go from eating 2000 cal/day to 4000 cal/day overnight, I know I would definitly be putting on fat like crazy.
    I am to be increasing cals over a period of time. For example, when i first start, I'll eat 2500 cals, and cointinue this until i stop gaining weight then increase by another 500 cals, until i stop gaining and so on, increasing by 500 cals.

    Also I think i going to go with a diet of 2 gs protien/lb, 1.5 gs carbs/lb, and .5 g fat/lb. I'm thinking this will be most benificial since I'm a bit on the endomorphc side.

    A few questions i have are if i should possibly increase the cals slower,
    Something like 250 a week? If that would maybe be more benificial.
    And i was wondering if i should up the carbs a bit, Im put on fat easy so I'm kinda hesitant, but been reading that more carbs would probally be helpful.

    Any input or other tips would be great, thanks.

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    yes 250 per week is excellent.

    and increase carbs by about 40-50g a week.

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