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    Any protien In the egg white?

    Do you know if there is any protien in the egg white or is it all in the yellow?Thanks Peace

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    Usually, large whole eggs have 6 grams of protein.

    The white will yield you, on average, 3.5.

    Hope this helps.


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    why do people not eat the yolk, what does it have in it?

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    The yolk has fat in it. But when you throw away the yolk - like SwoleCat just mentioned - you throw away half the protein. Unless you are eating a very large quantity at one time or on a structured diet... IMO - eat the whole frickin' egg and get all that great whole egg protein for your $$$'s worth...

    Personally I put down 4 whole eggs ED in between breakfast and my afternoon meal...

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    A large egg contains 6-8 grams of protein 5-7 grams of fat of which 2g is saturated and a single yolk contains approx 448mg of cholesterol and last time I checked the daily limit for a male was 390mg,personally i think if you have high blood cholesterol which is manufactured by the live from saturated fats then you would want to avoid eating egg yolks but if not a couple a day will not hurt you but you might think about cutting out the yolks whilst cycling simply becaused of the cholesterol

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