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    egg salad recipes?

    what are some good toppings to mix into the egg salad

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    Thanks for the idea of something else to mix into my diet. I'm gonna pool this out of my butt and sa y I will probably boil some eggs probably add 6-8 of the egg whites to salad maybe a couple of the yoke or a little cheese some banana peppers some no fat ranch dressing and a tbs of bacon bits( there's not a lot of cals in bacon bits if you use them sparingly and they also have protein) and tadah egg salad. Is that the kind of egg salad you were talking about or like eggs and mustard and a shit ton of fat in the form of mayo to hold it all together..?

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    hahaha im talking about the second one, im a sucker for mayo and am trying to seek a healthier version or a recipe to use less mayo but add other ingredients...

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    12 eggs boiled 12 minutes fine chopped
    mayo or miricle whip enough to make moist
    mustard small amount table spoon
    sweet pickle relish
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    Finely chopped celery, paprika and black pepper.

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