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    when to consume fats?

    whats up everyone? I am 22 years old, 5'11'', 200lbs., 13%bf. I am currently on a test and deca cycle and am trying to loose so fat. I am doing cardio around 8*week at 30-45 minutes/time and lifting around 4*week. I am wondering when is the best time to consume fat in the day. (ex. before wokout, after workout? morning or night?????) I am on a 4000 calorie diet with eating very clean foods like chicken, tuna, rice, and apples etc.


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    Don't have them before or after a workout you want to get your cals from carbs to help provide energy before and to refill glycogen levels after. Other than that any time of the day is fine for fats as long as your meal doesn't already have too many cals in it. I like switching over to fats latter in the day so I won't store up carbs.


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