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    I know what to eat/how much to WHEN do I eat

    Like the title says. I know to eat an hour or 2 before my workout and shake RGIHT AFTER my workout and good meal an hour after that. But when is the best time to eat carbs? Fats?

    I see some of the pros talking about "when" to eat is the key.

    Anyone shed some light?

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    I'm not a pro, but I try and keep my carbs high in the morning and during the day and try not to have any before bed time.

    I don't worry about my fat intake since I watch what I eat and it should stay pretty low because of this.

    Just a quick example of what I'd take in would be this:

    7AM- breakfast- 100grams of carbs 40 grams of protein (orange juice, oatmeal, egg whites)

    10AM - 100 grams of carbs 40 grams of protein(potatoes, greens, chicken breast)

    1PM - 100 grams of carbs 40 grams of protein (same as above)

    3PM - workout with 20 grams of protein and apple just before I go to the gym.

    4:30PM - protein shake (40 grams of protein, 100 +grams of simple carbs)

    6:00PM - super (oatmeal pancake, 40g protein, 60grams of carbs)

    9PM - protein shake (40 grams of protein... no carbs)

    might throw in some bananas in there and apples. If I have something real crappy for supper, then I have a protein shake with it.

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    That looks pretty good. Shouldn't you be eating more complex arbs before your workout?

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    I've been following the advice of a few guys on here and been keeping my carbs moderatly low during the day and all meals after myw orkout I increases my carbs. Here's a layout of what it looks like.
    Meal 1- 27g- carbs, 32g protein
    Meal 2- 20g- carbs. 72g protein
    Meal 3- 11g- carbs, 32g protein
    Meal 4- 20g carbs, 72g protein
    Meal 5- 44g protein (shake)
    Meal 6- 60g carbs(dextrose), 44g protein (shake)
    Meal 7- 44g carbs, 60g protein
    Meal 8- 44g carbs, 60g protein
    Meal 9- 40g protein

    Been doing this for a week now coming off a low carb diet and feeling good. I used to worry about eating carbs late in the evening, but a very knowledgeable bro here pointed out that when I workout hard, eating them at night post workout won't do me harm but rather help me recover. So far no unwanted weight gain from it.

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    the one thing i've learned is your diet is soo important on a routine, once you establish it...stick to it

    i've heard of people eating every hour to people eating every three, i'm a believer in 6-8 meals a day, 2-3 hours apart....but, from what i can tell...when you eat is up to you, just be consistent, your body demands it

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    I am just coming off a no carb (ckd) diet as well. I have not been counting grams or cals, just eating really clean and working my way up to more food every couple of days.

    I hate counting cals and grams, so I will only do it if I need to. I did count for about a month, so I roughly know what I am intaking every day. And once in a while I will count all day just to make sure I am in check!!

    texan, I also recently read that it is good to eat carbs before bed while tring to get bigger so I will be doing that shortly.

    Off topic question here....why not just put straight sugar in your post workout drink?

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