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    Two different Protein types in a shake combination... Good or Not?

    I can't seem to find a high protein MRP or shake that tastes worth a damn. I bought a tub of EAS Vanilla Cream powder and literally have to hold my nose and I attempt to choke it down. The same thing happens with Lean Body, Optimum, and any of the other products I've tried. The only product that I tried and loved was Killer MRP but they were just too expensive.

    I figured that it may have been the flavoring that was causing me grief so I did some research to see what products had 'natural' flavor. I found some stuff at GNC yesterday and after a few tests came up with a low carb, high protein concoction that I can actually drink and almost enjoy!

    Is combining the two different types of protein bad? I haven't tried it with agua yet but I'm betting the taste will be very similar.

    Isolated Soy Protein 95 (bannana flavored), Whey Protein (unflavored)
    (one serving of each) & 8 oz of skim milk
    330 cal
    3.5 fat
    60 chol
    350 sod
    18 carb
    0 fib
    18 sug
    54 protein

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    Stay away from SOY!!!! Soy protein naturally increases your estrogen levels....and being a guy you don't want high estrogen levels. I just use a protein powder (PRO-RATED strawberry) and if needed add a cup of oats to it, blend and whaola....homemade MRP. Here's 3 different shakes I'll whip up sometimes

    2 scoops protein 44g.
    1 cup oats 54g of carbs
    1 cup milk (I forgot the number of pro/carb/fat)
    or just use water when dieting down

    2 scoops protein
    1/2 cup milk
    6-8 icecubes
    1 spoonfull peanutbutter

    2 scoops protein
    1 banana
    1 cup milk or water

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    Damn! And it tasted so good! I'm gonna try the unflavored whey protein with a bannana and some oats and see how I like that.

    Thanks for the info though. I had no idea that Soy protein was bad. Guess I should stay away from the Soy nuts as well eh?

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