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    This one is for you SwoleCat!

    Hey Swole,

    First iŽd like to say i really trust on your diet advices and it would be mad not to believe when i see the pictures and testimonials from the people who hired your services. Congratulations for the effectiveness of your work.

    Now i have got a question and i know it is indeed not a though one for you.

    I decided to cut like mad so i have ordered myself a good AAS cycle to use with T3, my cardio is being performed every morning, i am not loosing lean body mass and i am dropping fat like i wanted. The only problem is that i am not sure wheter my diet is the best for cutting matters. There is some stuff i have included in the diet and i am not sure if they are holding my progress at least at some degree.

    First Meal : Tuna in oil (i try to get rid of the oil by drenching it) and two slices of whole bread - aprox 380 kcal

    Second Meal : one serving of Whey protein with one scoop of twinlab fat free weight gainers fuel (maltodextrin and whey) - aprox 650 kcal

    Third Meal (Post workout) : 150 g of grilled chicken, brocolli, 60 g of beans - aprox 700 kcal

    Forth Meal : Same as Third, with 100 g of grilled chicken insted of 150 - aprox 600 kcal

    5 th Meal : 50 g chicken - aprox 280 kcal

    6 th Meal : Whey protein only - aprox 130 kcal

    Total Cals

    All i have implemented is from knowledge grabbed from boards, and i know there are several flaws on that diet. Maybe beans should not be there, maybe i should lower calories, etc. Can you give some advice on what to change? Thanks in advance, i will really appreciate some input from you or any advice you could give me.

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    Im not swolecat but my advice is get on Swolegenix...



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