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    fuck, problem after problem...

    alright, i think i have mono but i'm not quite sure yet.. .past 3 days i've been feeling real tired and drousy, eyes are heavy as shit... and i've gotten my normal amount of sleep, 7 to 8 hours... my g/f's sister had mono and she accidently drank off one of her drinks, and of course i've kissed my gf, but she doesn't have mono herself...

    however, 2 days before this crap happened i've been getting a ton of protein from this cheap kind of canned tuna fish from thailand... like 4 cans each day (i've stopped now), and i haven't been really balancing out my diet, basically a ton of protein and not much of any fiber / carbs...

    what i'm wondering is if it could be attributed to my diet, or if it is indeed something like mono. my stomach has been a bit messed up, but not to the point at which its hurting.


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    a doctor would be a good idea!

    Fuck the dumb shit, if you think it's mono, I'd get to him right away.

    Then again, if you had mono like I did, you'd already be there.


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