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    Critique my diet and tell me what a good "snack" would be! ASAP I'm hungry!!

    Ok, I am 19 years old. I am 5'11" 197 lbs. I am looking to drop about 5 lbs in the next 3 weeks. I am doing cardio everyday for 30-32 mins incline walking. I am wroking out 5 days a week body part a day. here is todays diet let me know your opinions on what to change.
    MEAL 1 bowl of oats w/ brown sugar 2 teaspoons and cinnamon, protein shake 40g protein 20g carbs 260 cals, and 3 eggs scrambleded(I know it is alot of food maybe need to cut out the eggs or shake?)
    MEAL 2 4 grilled chicken fillets and green beans with 1 slice 8 grain bread with natural PB 1 tbspoon
    MEAL 3 can of tuna with hot sauce and 1 slice 8 grain wheat with hot sauce
    Meal 4 4 grilled chicken fillets with peas
    MEAL 5 same as last meal
    Thats all I have eaten today and it comes to this
    CALORIES: 1800
    FAT: 12.5g
    CARBS: 125g
    PROTEIN: 207g
    I am all natural and want to lose weight, I am hungry right now and want carbs so I am just going to drink alot of water, in you guys opinion is there room for a snack like 3 hours before bed? Am I on the right track? This is my second day of this and I am really tired but I want to get cut up and not lose strength. Some encouraging words would be nice! Thanks for your help!

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    meal 1:
    drop the brown sugar and cinnamon
    drop the scrambled eggs and eat just the egg whites

    meal 2:
    drop the bread

    meal 3:
    drop the bread and hot sauce, im assuming the hot sauce has useless calories

    meal 4:
    im not sure about peas, someone can correct me if im wrong but i think they have too much sugar? try brocolli or spinach

    meal 5
    same as 4

    Overall Assessment:
    It's useless to eat carbs unless your body needs it, which when cutting is:
    1) when u wake up
    2) pre workout
    3) post workout
    But your carb ingestion should depend on your activity, if u are going to be active and walking around then ingesting a little extra carbs certainly wont hurt.

    you need more healthy fats, the natural PB is excellent, add in a tablespoon or 2 of flax

    i think you are taking in too few calories, i am cutting and im 155 and i take in 1800 calories

    you should eat a meal consisting of protein and some healthy fat before bed to slow absorption

    The reason u feel so tired is probably cuz u dropped your calories too quickly

    Adjust your diet accordingly and find that range where you are consistently losing fat, but not sacrificing too much strength.

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    Yellow seems to be on the money.

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    I eat between 1/2 hour and an hour before bed. It's usually a protein shake or an oatmeal pancake.

    One snack that I like is making sugar free jello with protein in it. It's got 30g of protein and no carbs or fat. I think the jello has like 2-4 calories or something.

    Just buy a few packs of sugar free jello.

    take 250ml of water and nuke it for 3mins untill it's bowling. Add the jello powder, mix it in, then add ice cubes till it comes up to around 400ml and stir till the cubes melt. Now add 30g of protein and use a hand blender.

    Once this is done.. stick it in the fridge and wait 2 hours.

    It doesn't really look like jello size it's opaque, but it feels and tastes like jello and is real yummy. Seems like a real cheat meal.

    I found it best to use strawberry jello and strawberry or vanilla protein. Chocolate doesn't work too well.

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    I agree with yellows on most points...except i think you can keep the hot sauce. it may not have nutritional value, but it's basically no calories and makes plain chicken breasts a lot more enjoyable....i would nix the peas as well..way too starchy. Have some fibrous veggies like spinach or broccoli instead. for a snack, i would suggest cottage cheese w/a few strawberries or cinammon on top.

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    Ok Yellow,
    You tell me to drop the hot sauce because of the calories yet you tell me that I am not ingesting enough calories? Thanks for everyones help!

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    Re: ???

    Originally posted by bigteez66
    Ok Yellow,
    You tell me to drop the hot sauce because of the calories yet you tell me that I am not ingesting enough calories? Thanks for everyones help!
    Hot sauce is considered a high density calorie food...its basically empty calories since it has little nutritional value. But its fine to spice up your chicken...just use it moderatly. What yellow meant by increasing your cals was was bumping it up with high quality protein, specifically lean meats and adding some more low gi carbs in there, such as yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats, and of course veggies. Again yellow is on the money, but I would opt for the carb distribution with
    1.) when u wake up
    2.) Post-work out
    3.) Post-Post work out
    Calories in vs calories out as already mentioned is your primary focus when cutting.
    Good Luck,

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