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    This Sauce OK on Carb-Up??

    Hi All,

    I have a carb up once a week, which normally includes some form of pasta (mostly wholewheat of course ). I am trying to find some sauce which makes it tastes better, but obviously on carb-up I try to minimize fat altogether, whereas carbs aren't too much of a worry.

    I wanted to know if something like this is OK??
    Or this, even lower in fat:

    I am trying to get good, complex carbs, not unneccessary sugars, even on carb up. I wanted to know if something like this has sufficient sugars/fat which makes it not good for carb up. (I tried it at a friend as a cheat meal once and it tasted amazing).

    If not, what sauces (either store bought, or recipes for sauces) do you guys recommend for things like pasta, which have little or no fat, and no added sugars.

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    Mrs. Dash tomato basil garlic kind. All herbs.

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