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    Post Workout Whey: Is this Good??

    Hi All,

    I am trying to find a new whey product for postworkout. I want to take it to the next level, and thus am moving away from the crappy whey concentrates which are being sold here by sub-standard companies. I am looking for something with a good AA profile, and preferably whey isolate. I was reading about the different types of whey over at proteinfactory, and saw that they say CFM is one of if not the best source of whey. I found a reputable company here which makes a whey like that, but I am not techniacally knowledgeable enough to know if the AA profile is very good, and also about the ratio of the different ingredients in it is good. So, any experts have some input??

    This is the product:

    In case you miss it on the site, the ratios are: Ultra and cross-flow micro-filterd whey proteins (containing ▀-lactoglobulin - 45-50 %, a-lactalbumin - 15-20 %, bovine serum albumin - 5-6 %, immunoglobulins - 5-10 %, glycomacropeptides - 15-20 %, minor peptides/peptones and cellular growth factors - 3-5 %),

    Thanks a million!

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    i always thought whey is whey is whey..........but maybe they are different...........if so looks like im getting the crappy shit cause mine is fairly cheap

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