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    attention woman-mom needs diet

    My mom is in her 50's and as of recent because of medication and old age she has gotton heavy. I guess she see's how I live my life and she wants to change hers. I have her going to one of those curves class for a little while just to start urning some fat and then eventually will train her a bit. So anyway her diet is god for saken awful, I mean she eats anything. Does anyone have any ideas or any planned out diets. With what her current diet looks like by a couple simple tweaks I can have her lose weight fast. Thanks for any info


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    chins- just have her eat clean, small meals spaced out through the day. Plenty of veggies and fiber, keep the carbs adjusted for her, and get her on a good soy protein supp. Plenty of water and a good vitamin. C'mon can plan one out, just keep in mind her activity level and a plan that she can stick with.

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    This is just a cheap trick to talk to chics, I don't even like my mom..Nah just kidding. I just wanted to see if anyone had any feedback, woman tend to have different views..

    U da man Tex

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