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    Tuna, too much bad? or what.

    i've been hearing contradicting stories from people about tuna... i want to try and eat 4 cans a day, ideally... and its real cheap tuna, only costs $.39 a can... 32g's in each can...

    i WAS eatin like 4 cans a day for 3 days and then mysteriously the 4th day i was feelin REAL tired, and it continued on for 5 / 6 days, bein real tired... but i think it was the flu or something, although i'm not sure.. .so i'm wondering if tuna could have contributed to such a feeling?? not sure.

    so, is it not healthy to eat that much tuna, or what.


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    You have to be careful of the mercury in all that tuna. I would say that at 4 cans a day it would probably get dangerous. I have done 1 can a day and had no problems. Tuna is a good source of protein, but add some other sources you want the different amino acid make ups. BTW if that is really cheap tuna look out for the quality. I have heard that solid white has the best protein makeup and chunk light is less good.


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    Pain's right need more variety. At 4 cans a day the mercury level will build up pretty quick and will make you sick.

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