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    Metabolic diet with steriods?

    My question is if it is ok to be on a high fat/protien, low carb diet while using steriods . This is the diet here and it works awesome. [URL=]

    Mostly I am just asking if they will work with one another. Basic overview of the diet is this. Once you establish keytosis (burning fat for energy) you eat minimal carbs for 5 days, then you get to eat anything you want on the remaining 2 days (which loads muscles up with carbs again). This cycle happens every week, which is why it differs from the atkins diet which is just ALL protien and fat.

    Thanks for any info.

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    that diet is similar to BodyOpus.

    Be careful u don't lose muscle during the week, and eat too much on the weekends negating any fat loss, if any, that occurred during the week.

    This diet has failed many because of these reasons, and more. It's pretty old as far as diets are concerned. There are better ways of attaining results.


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    I'm doing the same thing right now (well the body opus with a few changes) with AS and I'm having great results.

    I've done this diet many times the difference is I only eat carbs from Sat at 10 pm to Sunday at 10 pm. I've never lost muscle and usualy gain some while not on AS. On AS is a different story.

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