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    2 cans of tuna in one meal?

    As I was surfing the competitive forum archives, I noticied several pre-contest diets that allowed for 2 cans of tuna in one meal. Now I know this topic was raised before, but does anyone have any info or insight on the maximum amount of protein that the body can breakdown in one sitting. I was always under the impression that anything over 40 grams is just a waste. Does anyone have any concrete data to put this age old bb question to rest?
    And just for sake of argument, all variables are relative such as age, weight, metabolic rate, bf%, and so forth.
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    too much better than too little

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    I think it is safe to say that there is no specific limit. The body of a 240 pounder is probably going to be able to accept more protein than the body of someone who weighs 140.....and it seems to me that larger muscles would require more protein than smaller I'm just gonna throw it out there that there is no generic number for grams of protein somebody's body can just have to know your body whatever works.

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    Depends on your metabolism, and daily activities, genetics, hell even the weather............ There is no set number but IMO, unless you have a really fast metabolism 2 cans of tuna is too much.


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    i agree, but if it comes down to eating something bad, or 2 cans , eat 2 cans!

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