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    Cream cheese good or bad for diet? Please read

    Okay, if you are on a diet, and you are doing the whole hard-boiled egg eating thing like me, then you are probably looking for a way to make the nast sum mu mu bitches taste better. anyways as I was eating tuna and popping the yolks out of the hard-boiled eggs, I got an idea, I added cream cheese to the tuna and filled the hollow egg whites with tasted pretty damn good.....then I look....cream cheese has 1 g carbohydrates per 2 tbsp I'm thinking, okay, not bad, then I see 9g of fat in 2 table spoons (6g saturated) is this good or bad for my planned weight loss???? Please let me know!!!

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    If you're doing a CKD then cream cheese should be fine as long as you don't go over your maintence calories. If you're doing a CKD though you wouldn't be chucking out the yokes.

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    They make fat free cream cheese with not that much carbs and mostly protein. IMO, I would use it sparingly it still has calories and not much nutrient value.


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    fat free shit ussually has a ton of sodium and other shit in it..its prety much always better to go with the origional and stay away from highly processed so-called healthier fat free stuff.

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    use it sparingly it shouldnt be a problem if you grab the low fat one, high sodium content shouldnt be a problem unless you suffer from hypertension

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